El Puente: an Impact DAO

What is access and benefit-sharing?

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Why is ABS relevant to psychedelics?


What is a DAO?

  • voting tokens (issued on a blockchain like Ethereum)
  • a voting platform (like Snapshot)
  • a treasury (like a blockchain bank account)
  • a communications channel (like Discord)
Read the State of the DAOs report

Why make a DAO for El Puente?

What does El Puente DAO look like?

Image from BioGnosis
The Kene Rao team

What’s Next?

  • Early adopters’ NFT drop 👾
  • Invite-only events for NFT, POAP, and other El Puente token holders like metaverse ceremonies 🤯, psychedelic workshops 📝, and whitelists+scholarships for in-person sacred plant retreats 🍄
  • Physical gift boxes shipped from El Puente beneficiary Kene Rao 🎁




Hong Kong American Anthropologist Attorney

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Jesse Hudson

Jesse Hudson

Hong Kong American Anthropologist Attorney

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